The GDA project is an open-source framework for creating customised data acquisition software for science facilities such as neutron and x-ray sources. The software is Java/Eclipse-based, free and released under the GPLv3.

It is based on the Generic Data Acquisition (GDA) software developed at Diamond Light Source. The GDA was initially developed at SRS Daresbury but since 2003 it has been adopted by Diamond Light Source who took over as the principal developer. The team at Diamond have developed the GDA for the majority of Diamond beamlines across all the scientific techniques at Diamond. GDA is the evolution of that project and is intended to be applicable for any beamline on any synchrotron facility.

From the outset the GDA has been designed to be generic and flexible in its architecture to enable it to be customisable for any beamline and any underlying hardware control system.

Mission Statement

To develop, as a community, a customisable Java software framework to operate experiments on synchrotron facilities. It contains: hardware control (directly or via any control system); data acquisition logic; a graphical user interface; scripting tools; and data visualization and analysis tools.


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