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The unique set of characteristics displayed by synchrotron light - high brilliance, high intensity, sharp focus, tunability - gives it advantages over conventional techniques. This is why so many scientists use our tools in an extensive range of research areas, furthering knowledge, which helps to foster breakthroughs in fields ranging from health, the environment and engineering to astrophysics and archaeology. read on

The Machine

The machine is used to produce, confine and maintain a high energy electron beam in a closed orbit for periods of several hours. It consists of: an electron gun to produce a stream of low energy electrons; a linear accelerator to increase their energy; a booster synchrotron to further accelerate the electrons to their final energy; the storage ring to maintain the energy and confine the electron beam as it produces synchrotron light for a wide variety of experiments. read on

Integrated Facilities

Diamond offers access to a wide range of equipment and laboratories for the science community, ranging from its suite of offline laboratories and the Membrane Protein Laboratory to the new imaging centre for biology providing the latest electron microscopy capabilities and expertise in the UK. read on


Publications Database

The publications database contains all user publications based on synchrotron data gathered wholly or in part at Diamond Light Source and scientific papers published by our staff. read on

Energy Research

Opportunities at Diamond

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